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scireum GmbH

scireum GmbH

Die scireum GmbH entwickelt Softwareprodukte in den Bereichen Handelsinformationssysteme, E-Commerce und Messaging.

We're a software company located in Germany next to the city of Stuttgart. We're a firm believer in open source software and thus release as much as possible under accessible licenses.


Our language of choice for our SaaS platforms is Java. As we build 4 products which share a lot of functionality (all of them are multi-tenant / cloud native / SaaS platforms). We therefore built the SIRIUS Framework which provides dependency injection, database connectivity, cluster monitoring and maintenance, support for scheduling and work offloading on worker servers etc.

The framework is split into several libraries, depending on the functionality needed (to better control which dependencies are required):

We also (sadly) had to build a parser and compiler for SASS:

Also, we built a simple parsing library (used by SIRIUS web for the Tagliatelle Compiler and by server SASS):

Finally, we use SIRIUS to build a test-application, which we internally used to mock the API of S3:


Building web based products, we could not prevent the creation of some JS frameworks / libraries:


We use Rust to offload memory and performance intense tasks from Java. We therefore built a runtime to provide ultra low-latency micro services via the Redis RESP protocol:

Popular repositories

  1. s3ninja Public

    S3 ninja emulates the Amazon S3 API for developement and test purposes

    Java 341 78

  2. parsii Public

    Super fast and simple evaluator for mathematical expressions written in Java

    Java 198 67

  3. Provides common core classes and the dependency injection microkernel powering all SIRIUS applications

    Java 31 18

  4. Provides a modern and scalable web server as SIRIUS module

    JavaScript 19 4

  5. Signs public keys ( usign a CA certificate to permit ssh access to users authenticated via LDAP (Active Directory)

    Java 19 7


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