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Zotero for YunoHost (phpZoteroWebDAV)

Warning: This YunoHost app is still in development. Use it at your own risk!

At the moment, one app = one Zotero library. If you want to manage several libraries, you will need to install one app per user, enter their respective API and userID keys, and give them rights to their own app. I know it is not ideal but it is the way phpZoteroWebDAV works at the moment.


  • Sync library attachment to any webhosting space that supports PHP (including freely available ones). This means your attachment data is never stored on computers (clients or servers) that you do not control yourself.
  • Access your Zotero library on your own webspace through the server API, including sorting, detail view, custom number of items per page etc
  • Browse your Zotero collections from any web browser
  • View your synced attachments (incl. web snapshots) from any web browser without having to use's storage server
  • Enjoy complete security with support for HTTPS connections

A live demo is available at:

Installation and Configuration Instructions

First, you need to retrieve your Zotero API key and userID for API calls. Login to, navigate to Settings > Feeds/API and create a new API key. Give it a name and leave the other parameters unchanged. Once created, you will see the API key and userID in the Settings > Feeds/API menu.

Once installed, Zotero_ynh is almost ready to be used. You just have to configure your Zotero client.

  1. If you have a self-signed SSL certificate, you will first need to make Zotero recognize your certificate: In your Firefox profile directory ("%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles"), copy the file "cert_override.txt". Paste it in your Zotero profile directory (see

  2. In your zotero client (i.e. in firefox or standalone zotero), open the sync tab in the preferences. In the “File Syncing” section, select “WebDAV” from the list. In the URL field, enter your YunoHost path (e.g. and then add “/zotero”, so that the whole path would be Enter the username and password displayed in the app and click "Verify Server" to verify that everything is working properly.

  3. You are ready to go!

For more information about the setup:


phpZoteroWebDAV was originally written by Christian Holz and is licensed under the AGPLv3 license. Significant updates have been made by:

phpZoteroWebDAV includes the following third party components:


Sync and access your Zotero library using YunoHost




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