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thanosk and sciyoshi Utilize Rails callbacks to also trap issues created/saved via email (#80

* utilize Rails callbacks to trap issues created/saved via email
* do not fire update hook if journal is nil (e.g. when creating sub-tasks)
* do not reload issues before calling hooks, it affects custom fields
* skip mentions if text is nil (can happen during bulk updates)
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Slack chat plugin for Redmine

This plugin posts updates to issues in your Redmine installation to a Slack channel. Improvements are welcome! Just send a pull request.




From your Redmine plugins directory, clone this repository as redmine_slack (note the underscore!):

git clone redmine_slack

You will also need the httpclient dependency, which can be installed by running

bundle install

from the plugin directory.

Restart Redmine, and you should see the plugin show up in the Plugins page. Under the configuration options, set the Slack API URL to the URL for an Incoming WebHook integration in your Slack account.

Customized Routing

You can also route messages to different channels on a per-project basis. To do this, create a project custom field (Administration > Custom fields > Project) named Slack Channel. If no custom channel is defined for a project, the parent project will be checked (or the default will be used). To prevent all notifications from being sent for a project, set the custom channel to -.

For more information, see