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Growl notifications for Gowalla checkins.
Specifically: sets up a local web app using Sinatra, tunnels it out through
ReverseHTTP using Hookout, subscribes to PubSubHubbub notifications for your
Gowalla friends Atom feed, and shells out to growlnotify for each notifcation.
1. Install Growl and growlnotify (from the Extras folder):
2. Install prerequisite gems:
$ gem sources -a
$ sudo gem install sinatra thin paulj-hookout
3. Install growalla:
$ curl > growalla.rb
$ ruby growalla.rb sco [with your Gowalla username, not mine]
Within a minute or so, you should get a Growl message saying notifications
are on. After that, new checkins from friends should appear within 30 seconds
of happening.
- checkin comments
- spot or user images
- hub auto-discovery
- notify each of the summaries, not just the last
- check that growlnotify exists
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