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Find out which gems in your bundle are outdated.
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A simple gem to analyze your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock to find out which of the gems in your project have newer versions available and thus could potentially be updated.


$ gem install bundle_outdated

It currently requires RubyGems 1.6.0 or newer, which can be installed/updated with:

$ gem update --system [version]

(The version argument is not available on really old versions.)


From your Ruby project directory or your Rails.root:

$ bundle-outdated

Example report

Finding outdated gems..

Newer versions found for:
  mail (2.3.0 > 2.2.18)
  hoptoad_notifier (2.4.9 > 2.3)
  devise (1.3.4 > 1.3.3)
  oa-oauth (0.2.5 > 0.2.4)
  twitter (1.4.1 > 1.4.0)
  kaminari (0.12.4 > 0.12.1)
  meta_search (1.0.5 > 1.0.4)
  paper_trail (2.2.2 > 2)
  jquery-rails (1.0 > 0.2.7)
  guard-rspec (0.3.1 > 0.3.0)

Lock bundle to these versions by putting the following in your Gemfile:
  gem 'mail', '2.3.0'
  gem 'hoptoad_notifier', '2.4.9'
  gem 'devise', '1.3.4'
  gem 'oa-oauth', '0.2.5'
  gem 'twitter', '1.4.1'
  gem 'kaminari', '0.12.4'
  gem 'meta_search', '1.0.5'
  gem 'paper_trail', '2.2.2'
  gem 'jquery-rails', '1.0'
  gem 'guard-rspec', '0.3.1'

You may try to update non-specific dependencies via:
  $ bundle update mail hoptoad_notifier paper_trail

Handwaving specifications:
  mail: ~> 2.2.18
  hoptoad_notifier: ~> 2.3
  paper_trail: ~> 2


Released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further details.

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