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this operator allows to treat separate objects as clusters, by marking their vertices in different vgroups and creating clusters from those vgroups, basically. Useful if you want to knife-cut fake cloth objects. They should then fall apart into the knifed pieces.
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With Fracture Modifier pie menu.

This addon provides additional workflow tools and helpers in the Tool Panel to speed up construction of a destruction scene and objects. It includes helper objects, path fracture, mouse based fracture, small shard control, smoke/dust/debris system as well as other features and commonly used fracture physics panel UI elements. See for more information and tutorials.

The pie menu duplicates some of the frequent helper addon functionality as well as fracture physics panel UI elements. The Fracture Modifier will work without the helper addon but it is highly recommended to automate frequent tasks and improve speed by grouping controls. The pie menu requires the helper addon to be installed and activated for it to work. It relies on some of the data and functions included in the helper addon.

Use standard blender addon installation methods for both the helper addon and the pie menu addon.