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Krypton Mod ver 9.2.3 (Kodi 17.0 / 17.1)

This is version 9.2.3 for use with the the official Team Kodi Krypton (Kodi 17.0) release or later (including 17.1). All functions in Krypton 17 should be available. Users of the Kodi-format repo should receive the update, otherwise download the zip and install from zip locally. Note that in addition to the skin add-on, new image resources available that includes the skin "styles" used for the main menu bar and the skin "themes" used as backgrounds. These image resources are fully compatible with Aeon MQ6 and Aeon MQ7 and you can use these as alternatives. These are installed separately (same as for the UI sounds). The "Aeon MQ5 Extrapack" add-on is no longer supported nor required.

Skin files will now install to addon folder "skin.aeonmq5" due to changes in the Kodi add-on manager. If you update from a prior version delete the folder "skin.aeonmq5.kyrptonmod" after installing as it is no longer used.

Note that menu items from Jarvis Mod may not function in Krypton. You can reset your menus, or just replace the non-working one in the Custom Menu window with the identical one for Krypton.

Support is provided on the Kodi forums. Note that Aeon MQ is currently placed in an "archive" section of the skin support forum. (It still is active.)