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Fork of amperka/ino to continue development.
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Arturo Logo

The End of Ino

Arturo was originally a fork from ino/master. The original ino contributors did a fantastic job but they decided they no longer had time to maintain this tool. I asked them if they wanted me to take over ino but they preferred that I fork it. And so Arturo was born.

I spent some time working on a v2 that was a complete re-write. I had lofty goals but not a lot of time and not much interest from collaborators.

Platformio Logo

As I was working on this problem so was Platformio. Once I became aware of this project and started using it I realized there was no need for Arturo. As such I'm archiving the entire project and am no longer accepting merge requests or providing support. I encourage you to use platformio if you want an excellent command-line utility for building Arduino projects.

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