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Code standards and guidelines for a variety of programming languages.
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Why did I create

Code style and standards has been a passion of mine for a long time. I've helped a lot of different companies create and adopt code standards. During that time, while everyone has agreed that the standards need to be a dynamic document, no one ever goes back and adjusts them as new languages and technologies are introduced, new guidelines are implicitly put into place, or existing guidelines are dropped.

Inspired by Code Guide by @mdo, for HTML and CSS standards, I decided to create a central repository for code standards that is available on line. Hopefully, the guidelines contained here will continually be expanded to cover additional programming languages and language features as the languages are updated.

How do I contribute?

If you have questions about any of the guidelines, please open an issue. If you find any errors, want to update an existing guideline, add a new guideline to an existing language, or even want to add a new language all you need to do is fork the repository and submit a pull request. If you aren't comfortable forking repositories and submitting pull requests, simply open an issue.

All of the standards are in the guidelines folder as a single markdown file. If you want to add a new style guide, see one of the existing files as a reference.

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