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This repository holds the web application code and data for the Language Specs website.


As part of Microsoft's announcement of the language strategy for C#, VB, and F#, the language specs for C# and VB were made public in GitHub repositories.

This is actually really important for the language design process but it also allows anyone outside of Microsoft who is interested in reading (or even contributing to) the language specification to participate.

With that in mind, the Language Specs website was created. This is your "one stop shop" for finding the language specs of your favorite programming language. The specs themselves aren't hosted here, that's still up to the individual language maintainers. Rather, this is, at it's heart, a collection of links to the official language spec for the respective language.


If you see something wrong with the site, need to correct the information about a spec, or want to add a spec that's missing, or want to contribute in some other way, simply fork the repo and submit a pull request or submit an issue.

Maintaining language spec data

All of the language spec data is in the specs.json file. The format for a given language spec is

    "title": "C#",
    "icon": "icon-prog-csharp",
    "logo": "typescript.jpg",
    "specUrl": ""

The icon property is the name of the font icon in the Pictonic Free set, if there is one available. If a font icon isn't available, the logo property should be used instead. This property is the name (with extension) of the appropriate logo image for the programming language, which should be located in the images subfolder. If both an icon and a logo are provided, the logo will be used. Images should be 60x60 if possible, but any image will end up being resized to 60x60 pixels.

The title is the text that will appear below the icon (or logo) and the specUrl is the actual URL to the official spec.


Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2017 Scott Dorman.


The easiest way to find the formal language specification for your favorite programming language.





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