Commandline utility to download URLs as PDFs and a wrapper action for Apple's Automator.
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URL2PFD and Download URLS as PDFs [Version 6.2]

URL2PDF is a commandline utility that downloads URLs as PDFs. Included is an action for Apple's Automator called Download URLS as PDFs, which allows the user to archive a web page as a PDF document in a given workflow.

Scott Garner

#Release Notes

I finally gave up on trying to update the original action to work in Lion and decided to take a completely different approach. All of the heavy lifting is now handled by a commandline utility called URL2PDF, which is wrapped by an AppleScript-based Automator Action.

#Change Log

2013-06-12 Version 6.2

  • Fix for paths with spaces
  • Page size fixes

2012-05-30 Version 6.0

  • Changed: The action is now a wrapper for a commandline utility.
  • Changed: Lion compatibility.
  • Chagned: Source now available on Github.
  • Changed: Versioning system.

2011-02-22 Version 0.5.0

  • Changed: Snow Leopard compatibility.

2007-11-04 Version 0.4.2

  • Fixed: Paginated export works with stand-alone app again.

2007-11-04 Version 0.4.1

  • Fixed: Version number issues.
  • Fixed: Filename from page title works again.

2007-11-03 Version 0.4.0

  • Changed: Leopard compatibility.

2006-04-19 Version 0.3.1

  • Changed: Universal Binary (Maybe...if I did it right.)

2005-07-28 Version 0.3

  • New: Donation button (because you know you want to).
  • New: Advanced option to enable/disable image loading.
  • New: Advanced option to enable/disable JavaScript.
  • Fixed: Pages with forward slashes in their title no longer cause an error when title-based printing is enabled.
  • Fixed: Better handling of pages with child frames (; frames--not necessarily just HTML frames).
  • Changed: Workaround for WebKit animated GIF bug.
  • Changed: Now released under the New BSD License.

2005-07-11 Version 0.2

  • Initial "final" release. Some bugs fixed and probably some new ones introduced. Either way, the "BETA MODE" watermark is now history.

2005-06-30 Version 0.1 beta

  • Initial beta release.