A drop-in CLGeocoder replacement that adds MKLocalSearch results to geocode queries
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CLGeocoder, but with local search results built-in

SJGeocoder is a drop-in CLGeocoder replacement that also performs an MKLocalSearch for the query and gives back a combined list of results. Copy the files into your project, do a #import "SJGeocoder.h", and use SJGeocoder in place of CLGeocoder. The only difference is that you can use the initWithSearchSource: constructor, which takes a SJGeocoderSearchSource parameter:

  • SJGeocoderSearchSourceGeocoder to just do a geocode,
  • SJGeocoderSearchSourceLocalSearch to just do a local search, or
  • SJGeocoderSearchSourceAny to do 'em both

(init just calls init:SJGeocoderSearchSourceGeocoder, so it's just like a normal CLGeocoder.)


In use, SJGeocoder is identical to CLGeocoder, except that instead of returning just a list of geocode results, the list also contains local search results.

NSString *query = @"Apple Store";
CLLocationCoordinate2D brisbaneCenter = CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(-27.573663, 153.019974);
CLRegion *brisbane = [[CLRegion alloc] initCircularRegionWithCenter:brisbaneCenter radius:1000 * 300 identifier:@"Brisbane"];
CLGeocoder *geocoder = [[SJGeocoder alloc] initWithSearchSource:SJGeocoderSearchSourceAny];
[geocoder geocodeAddressString:query
             completionHandler:^(NSArray *placemarks, NSError *error) {
                 // placemarks is an array of CLPlacemark objects


We check at runtime whether we can perform an MKLocalSearch (since it was only introduced in iOS 6.1). If we're on iOS < 6.1, we just do a geocode.

The completion handler returns an array of SJPlacemark objects because of an issue with MKLocalSearch -- a CLGeocoder's results (CLPlacemark objects) have names, but an MKLocalSearch's results (MKMapItems that have a CLPlacemark property) don't have names (I have a Radar out on this). Returning SJPlacemarks just makes sure that whatever SJGeocoder gives back, it has a name. You shouldn't need to think about SJPlacemark objects, since they just inherit from CLPlacemark, but just in case, that's why they exist.