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Not working at IE8 #202

calderon opened this Issue Jun 12, 2013 · 10 comments

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Hi! I just added respond.js to my new project and I can't achieve to make it work.

It seems a JS error:

Invalid procedure call or argument
respond.js Line: 284
Code: 0 Char: 13

It seems to be theses lines:

          if ( ss.styleSheet ){ 
            ss.styleSheet.cssText = css;
          else {
            ss.appendChild( doc.createTextNode( css ) );

But I really can't understand why. If I open the IE8 responsive test page, it works like a charm.

Any idea?


Sorry, I can't :( it's still under development. I wonder if could be something weird (a character or similar) into the css var? The CSS is generated with some comments (the path to the file where it's the style). Could be that? I don't know, just guessing...


Have the exact same error.


This is the error you get if you have > 32 stylesheets in IE8. Concatenate your CSS and it should work.


Did not know that. Thanks.


Probably should be written somewhere. I realy cant have concated stylesheets on devel enviroment, neither when debuging something

@scottjehl scottjehl pushed a commit that closed this issue Nov 15, 2013
Scott Jehl added note on IE max stylesheets
fixes #202
@scottjehl scottjehl closed this in 0c87b23 Nov 15, 2013
Wilto commented Nov 15, 2013

@hakimCZE: That’s not an issue with Respond—IE8 just discards any stylesheets beyond the thirty second one. You’ll see the same thing without Respond in place.


@Wilto yeah, i know, thats what I told other developers when I've implemented response.js. But it starts to be a time consuming issue, when you have much more stylesheets, or with stylesheets that are linked for a specific section, so they are always last


Even though it's unrelated to this script, there's a note in the readme now. Thanks!

khromov commented May 26, 2014

Does anyone know if this also happens when a stylesheet has more than 4095 rules? I am getting this error on a page but there are only about 10 stylesheets on the page. There is however one massive stylesheet which probably has in the vicinity of 4k rules.

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