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Safari 5 Bug #48

luksak opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I had the issue that on AJAX loaded content where I re-apply the picturefill, Safari 5.0.5 did confuse the img tag in the noscript tag with a already replace image. I made a commit where I fixed this:



This sound like a Safari bug, when javascript is active, it shouldn't check inside the noscript tag


True. Shouldn't we try to fix it?


I think it should be filed as a bug against safari


Yeah, it has already been fixed. Do you want to ignore this?


As said before, I got multiple images using that fix, please create a patch against the picturefill we're using right now, so I can test this a bit easier, and file a bug against picture in Drupal, if it works we can make a PR upstream.


We're closing this out as Picturefill gets refactored to support the new standard markup landing in browsers. Thread here: #125

@scottjehl scottjehl closed this
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