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Kids keyboard for controlling Media Centre - rugged and easy to use.
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Kids keyboard for controlling Media Centre - rugged and easy to use.

I have two versions. The Arduino (Teensyduino) version which is working now in MediaButtons/MediaButtons.ino. And the AVR C version - example.c and supporting files.


Current version is hardwired using an Teensy 2.0. My original version used a 3.3V mega and Bluetooth module, and a numchuck - it used gestures to control the TV. The plan was to build a bluetooth box for the kids with solar panel for charging. I have gone with the Teensy for simplicity (no battery, no charger, and mostly no Bluetooht reconnect issues).


My original version uses a single analogue input (resistor network). Today though I have decided to use straight analog inputs, pull up resistors (internal) and a common ground. Pins are all indicated in the code.

Just connect all one side to ground, the others to each digital input you want. Easy.


  • Teensyduino version Teensyduino is a plutin for Arduuino IDE that allows you to use arduino code style.
  • This code is working now


  • AVR C version.
  • Had trouble getting Media buttons to work
  • Works, but not what I am currently using
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