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# Admin data
Name wapp2psrfits
Usage "Converts search-mode WAPP data into PSRFITS"
Version [exec date +%d%b%y]
Commandline full_cmd_line
# Options (in order you want them to appear)
Int -n numwapps {The number of simultaneous WAPPs to combine} \
-r 1 4 -d 1
Int -b numbits {The number of bits in each output sample (4 or 8)} \
-r 4 8 -d 8
Int -g outlenGB {Approx length in GB of output data files} \
-r 1 1000 -d 10
String -o outfile {Name of the output psrfits file} \
Flag -i invert {Invert the band}
# Rest of command line:
Rest infiles {Input WAPP file names (in time/WAPP order)} \
-c 1 100
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