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Welcome to the packed_things wiki! packed_things is a simple mod for the MineTest game engine.

It lets you compress certain common blocks by factors of 9 in a regular 3x3 crafting grid. So, 9 cobblestone gives one packed cobble, 9 packed cobble gives you one 2x Packed Cobble,and so on up to Ultra Packed Cobble (compressed 8 times) which can hold 9^8 cobblestone in a single block. That's 43,046,721 blocks in a single block.

These blocks can be compressed: cobblestone desert cobblestone desert sand dirt gravel ice sand snow

This was inspired by an old Minecraft mod. I think DartCraft did the initial "octuply compressed cobblestone" back in the Minecraft 1.4.7 days, and Extra Utilities (I think) added other compressed sequences around 1.6.4.

Anyway, I did some mining and my inventory filled up fast, and I figured MineTest could use these. I created all-new 32x32 textures for these based on the default textures, and darkening one row/column per compression, from the outside in. Some of these make good ornamental blocks. They can also be a challenge all by themselves. It takes a whole factory (or years and years of clicking) to make an Ultra Packed block of anything. ;-)

The packed blocks all act as stone and get increasingly hard to break.

At the moment (v0.9.1) there is only one mod compatibility coded in: if you have moreblocks installed, 9 cobble will make one moreblocks:compressed_cobblestone. So in that case, I leave those recipes alone and let you convert 2 compressed cobblestone into 2 of my packed cobble (and back again). From there you can proceed to higher levels of packed goodness.

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