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RPN Calculator. Android app written in Kotlin.
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RPN Calculator


Get it on F-Droid

Very easy to use RPN Calculator for Android device. Neat and simple, yet powerful for everyday use.

Do remember that with Reverse Polish Notation you first type the numbers and you finish with the operator. See

For example, how many hour in a week? :

24 7 *

You may appreciate the Undo feature.

Source code is written Kotlin as alternative to Java.

You'll need Gradle 4 and Android O to build the app. You'll need Android Studio 3.0 alpha to edit this Kotlin app.

Source code licensed under the GNU Public License, Version 3 or later. Improvements are welcome.

Hosted on Visit

In addition to Kotlin we experiment here another new feature : VectorDrawable. The icons and authored with Inkscape and we converted to Android vector drawable xml format with following converter :

Version history

1.2 2020/04 Android 10

  • Android 10
  • AndroidX Jetpack refactoring
  • Github CI test and build

1.1 2018/10 Android 9

  • Android 9

1.0 2017/06

Initial release

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