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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Scrimba?

Scrimba is a platform for creating truly interactive coding screencasts. A Scrimba screencast might look like a normal video at first sight, however it's something much better. As a viewer you can pause the screencasts and edit the code whenever you want.

What are the benefits over normal videos?

Scrimba makes the learning experience better for the viewer and the creation process easier for the creator. Here are the specific benefits it has over normal videos:

  • Easier and faster to create
  • Interactive (edit/copy/run the code inside the screencast)
  • Better mobile experience (content is adjusted to the screen size)
  • Light weight (1% of video in bytes)
  • Indexable/searchable

How do I create a Scrimba screencast?

It's really easy. Check out this YouTube video, which explains it.

Can I embed Scrimba screencasts?

Yes! Just wrap it in an iframe with the src attribute set to the URL of the cast.

Can I edit a recording after I've created it?

Yes, check out the instructions for how to do that in the docs.

Which languages does Scrimba support?

At the moment, we only support client side code, meaning HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including external scripts/libraries) and Imba.

How do I add external JavaScript libraries?

You can either use npm or link to CDN's via the <script> tags in the .html file. Check the docs for instructions.

Can I create playlists?

Yes! On your profile, click on your profile image in the top right corner and then New Playlist. Once created, you can add screencasts to it.

Can I create paid courses on Scrimba?

Not yet, but you will in the future.

Can I export my Scrimba screencast to a normal video?

We don't have a functionality for doing this yet. However, feel free to manually do a screen recording of your Scrimba screencasts, so that you can save them as video files locally.

Why are you building Scrimba?

Our goal is to make online learning better than in-person learning. Here's why this is important:

As education has moved from in-person to online, the in-person learning experience has been reduced to a video with a comment field. This is a big step backwards for both the teacher and the student.

Scrimba aims to re-create the in-person learning experience online, and even surpass it. This will ensure that everybody can get the same high quality learning experience you get through an in-person teacher.

We've also written an article on why we're creating a new video format for code on Medium.

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