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Slack emojis for Magic card symbols. Used by Scryfall’s Slack bot.
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Manamoji for Slack

Slack emojis for Magic: the Gathering card symbols.

These symbols are designed for use with Scryfall’s Slack bot. After you install these emojis, the Slack bot will automatically start using them with your Slack team.

Basic Installation

  1. Download this project as a ZIP file
  2. Upload each of the emoji images to your Slack team.
  3. 👉 Important: You must name the emoji you create the same as their image file name. For example, the green mana symbol in mana-g.png must become an emoji named :mana-g:. Scryfall’s Slack bot will detect emojis with this name style.
  4. Done!

Quick Install using NodeJS

You may quickly upload all Manamojis to Slack using emojipacks for Node.

  1. Follow the emojipacks install instructions.
  2. Run the emojipacks command and follow the subsequent prompts for Slack login credentials.
  3. When asked for Path or URL of Emoji yaml file, provide the following URL:

That's it!


We hereby release this project to the public domain.

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