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Network/AWS Merge branch 'greg' into errge
examples Add sendObjectMIC function for automatically adding MD5 integrity check.
CONTRIBUTORS Acknowledge contributor, and update feature list for MD5 MIC.
LICENSE Initial repository for public release.
README Link to S3 in README is now link-ified in hask-home output.
Setup.hs Initial repository for public release.
Tests.hs bracket function moved to Control.Exception
hS3.cabal Bump version to 0.5.9
hS3.hs Added 'empty bucket' command to CLI application.


This is the Haskell S3 library (hS3).  It provides an interface to
Amazon's Simple Storage Service, allowing Haskell developers to
reliably store and retrieve arbitrary amounts of data from anywhere on
the Internet.  To learn more about Amazon S3, and sign up for an
account, visit [].
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