Simple and secure YubiKey OTP validation server
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Yet Another YubiKey OTP Validation Server

Several other implementations are available. Some of them are not secure enough:

Official implementation is written in PHP (sigh...), and I don't know Go enough to audit digintLab's implementation:

This is a complete rewrite of YubiServe because the original project seems not to be designed with security in mind. Copy-and-paste programming made code reviews nearly impossible, there is no protection against SQL injection, etc.

This fork was given a new name to make it easy for people to differentiate from the original project.


Create a new database:

$ ./tools/ ./yubikeys.sqlite3

Plug and flash the YubiKeys (keys are also written to the database):

$ ./tools/ gbush ./yubikeys.sqlite3
$ ./tools/ bobama ./yubikeys.sqlite3

Add a new API key (here, the API key name is developers):

$ ./tools/ -aa developers ./yubikeys.sqlite3

Run the server:

$ ./src/ --db ./yubikeys.sqlite3

That's it. The servers wanting to make use of two factor authentication need to be configured. The following paragraph shows an example for OpenSSH.

OpenSSH configuration example

Here's a summary of Yubico's documentation.

Get information about users and API on the machine hosting yubikeys.sqlite3:

$ ./tools/ -yl ./yubikeys.sqlite3
2 keys into database:
[Nickname]              >> [PublicID]            >> [Active]
gbush                   >> ibhdhehrhkhuifhv      >> 1
bobama                  >> ibibhdhvhdhbhthb      >> 1

$ ./tools/ -al ./yubikeys.sqlite3
1 keys into database:
[Id]    >> [Keyname]            >> [Secret]
1       >> developers           >> ckFsWU5scVNXRjVZc3lJUmpIVzU=

On the OpenSSH machine, add users to /etc/yubimap:

$ cat /etc/yubimap

Configure PAM to use YubiKey authentication (take care of API id and API key values):

$ head /etc/pam.d/sshd | grep include
#@include common-auth
@include yubi-auth

$ cat /etc/pam.d/yubi-auth
auth       required authfile=/etc/yubimap id=1 key=ckFsWU5scVNXRjVZc3lJUmpIVzU= url=http://yubikeyval.local:8000/wsapi/2.0/verify?id=%d&otp=%s mode=client token_id_length=16

Configure OpenSSH:

$ tail -4 /etc/ssh/sshd_config
ChallengeResponseAuthentication  no
Match User george,barack
    PasswordAuthentication       yes
    AuthenticationMethods        publickey,password


OATH/HOTP is not supported at present.

Original author

  • Alessio Periloso <mail at>