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Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Rename nonBlockingText -> artificialDelay

    m-kiewitz committed
    Also add a table for Apple IIgs games for music issues like in PQ1
    intro, where the developers thought that loading a new room would
    take X amount of time and they started loading before the music was
    done. In our AGI music may get cut off because of this.
    It of course also happens, when using the original interpreter,
    as soon as you emulate a faster processor. Which means this
    is also a workaround.
    See bug #7026
  2. @bgK
  3. @bgK
  4. @bgK
  5. @bgK

    MOHAWK: Move debug rect draw control to the console

    bgK committed
    It was previously bound to F4
  6. @m-kiewitz

    SHERLOCK: SS: Make user interface multilingual

    m-kiewitz committed
    Bug #7002 almost fully solved
  7. @dreammaster
Commits on Feb 10, 2016
  1. @m-kiewitz

    SHERLOCK: SS: Fix typo in German fixed text

    m-kiewitz committed
    Was like that in the original, we fix it.
  2. @m-kiewitz

    SHERLOCK: Fix Spanish journal text - thanks t0by

    m-kiewitz committed
    Some lines were not translated that well, probably because the
    original added words together in code based on English grammar,
    so the translator was probably very restricted.
  3. @m-kiewitz
  4. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Remove unused method

    m-kiewitz committed
  5. @m-kiewitz
  6. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Cleanup

    m-kiewitz committed
  7. @m-kiewitz
  8. @wjp
  9. @lordhoto

    LAB: Enable by default.

    lordhoto committed
    Thanks to tsoliman for noticing.
  10. @tsoliman

    MAEMO: Add configure and make extra args env vars

    tsoliman committed
    This allows running "make -j4" and similar as part of dpkg-buildpackage
    without editing the makefile.
  11. @dreammaster
Commits on Feb 9, 2016
  1. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Use special Apple IIgs SQ1 palette for SQ1

    m-kiewitz committed
    Was already documented inside palette.h, but wasn't used yet
  2. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Fix warning

    m-kiewitz committed
  3. @m-kiewitz
  4. @lordhoto
  5. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Only set VAR_KEY,when no controller/direction

    m-kiewitz committed
    Fixes Mixed Up Mother Goose Apple IIgs save/restore prompt
  6. @m-kiewitz
  7. @m-kiewitz
  8. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Check xPos/yPos when building sprite lists

    m-kiewitz committed
    And ignore sprites, that are placed outside of visual screen
    Fixes memory corruption during intro of fan made Get Outta SQ game.
    Original AGI did not do checks at all.
  9. @lordhoto
  10. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Cut menu in case menu names are too long

    m-kiewitz committed
    Required for games that add to many names or add names, that are
    too long. The code needs to get adjusted anyway for different
    platforms, so for now just cut the menu names instead
    Required for at least the fan game Get Outta Space Quest
  11. @m-kiewitz

    SCI: Add script patch kq6 dual mode CD-Audio

    m-kiewitz committed
    Script patch added, so that dual mode uses the same CD-Audio
    as regular Speech mode does during the ending (Girl in the Tower)
  12. @m-kiewitz
  13. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Fix various CIDs

    m-kiewitz committed
    CID 1350104: regression from graphics rewrite in C64 picture drawing
    CID 1350101: potential buffer overflow in set.simple command
    CID 1350112: uninitialized variable in TextMgr
    CID 1350113: false positive uninitialized variable in SystemUI
    CID 1350114: potentially uninitialized variable in IIgsSample
    CID 1350117: false positive uninitialized variable in InventoryMgr
    CID 1350103: code bug in CGA rendering TextMgr::charAttrib_Set()
    CID 1350109: false positive in GfxFont::loadFontAmigaPseudoTopaz()
    CID 1350111: original AGI uninitialized memory issue
                 in SpritesMgr::showObject
  14. @lordhoto
  15. @lordhoto
  16. @lordhoto
  17. @lordhoto
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