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Commits on Nov 28, 2015
  1. @dreammaster
Commits on Nov 27, 2015
  1. @dreammaster
  2. @sev-

    TESTBED: Sanity check

    sev- committed
  3. @Kirben
  4. @sev-

    SCUMM: Add safety check

    sev- committed
  5. @sev-

    TESTBED: Added safety check

    sev- committed
  6. @sev-

    AGI: Improve debug output

    sev- committed
  7. @sev-

    FULLPIPE: Fix cursor comparison

    sev- committed
  8. @dreammaster
  9. @sev-
  10. @sev-

    SCUMM: Enforcing numbers to double

    sev- committed
  11. @sev-

    ACCESS: Adding missing comma

    sev- committed
  12. @sev-
  13. @sev-

    WINTERMUTE: More sanity checks

    sev- committed
  14. @sev-

    AGI: Better pointer checking

    sev- committed
  15. @sev-
  16. @sev-
  17. @sev-
  18. @sev-

    AGI: Removed excess check

    sev- committed
  19. @sev-

    LASTEXPRESS: Removing excess check

    sev- committed
  20. @sev-

    CGE2: Fix rounding error

    sev- committed
  21. @sev-

    PRINCE: Fix color clipping logic

    sev- committed
  22. @sev-

    Merge pull request #627 from fedor4ever/master

    sev- committed
    SYMBIAN: various fixes
  23. ACCESS: Add TODO for access.dat

    Torbjörn Andersson committed
  24. @dreammaster

    ACCESS: Silence gcc warnings

    dreammaster committed
  25. @dreammaster
  26. @sev-

    FULLPIPE: Check result on realloc()

    sev- committed
  27. @Strangerke
  28. @Strangerke
  29. @Strangerke
  30. @Strangerke

    ACCESS: Fix bug in River

    Strangerke committed
Commits on Nov 26, 2015
  1. MADS: Silence Clang warning

    Torbjörn Andersson committed
    There are others still left, but this one was obvious how to fix.
Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. @sev-

    Merge pull request #628 from rootfather/master

    sev- committed
    NEWS: Update German NEWS file to address all changes made until 9dbaf8d
  2. @rootfather
  3. @m-kiewitz

    SHERLOCK: fix comment typo

    m-kiewitz committed
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