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Commits on Sep 4, 2015
  1. @dreammaster
  2. @dreammaster
Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. @DrMcCoy

    GOB: Make the currently playing CD track all-uppercase

    DrMcCoy authored
    This is what the original game does too, and the scripts query for
    all-uppercase CD track names.
    Interestingly, this being wrong has been mostly inconsequential. It
    does, however, manifest in one bug in the underwater wreck level of
    Gobliins 2. After calling the Moray Eel by lighting the lamp with
    Winkle, speaking to said eel has the scripts wait for the currently
    playing background track to end before playing the voice lines,
    instead of ending the audio track forcefully. The track is only about
    a minute long, so it's "only" annoying, not a game-stopper.
    The scripts also try to compare the CD track name with some different,
    all-uppercase names, so this is possibly relevant in some other places
    as well. No such bug report exists at the moment, though.
    See also the forum post with the bug report:
    A somewhat related bug report is #2999 "GOB2 : Moray Eel Game Freeze
    (Wreck Scene)" (<>). At
    that time, the script expression parser still did a stricmp for the
    NEQ expression (which is wrong), and that made the bug not trigger.
    Commit 5c58b9a, which fixed that
    incorrect NEQ behaviour, then made this bug here appear.
Commits on Sep 1, 2015
  1. @dreammaster
  2. @dreammaster
Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. SHERLOCK: Add missing events.getKey() when checking for "pending D keys"

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    This is consistent with what happens when checking for "pending U
    keys", so I think it's correct, but the Scalpel keyboard handling
    doesn't work very well at the moment anyway. Probably at least partly
    because of the way it mixes char and Common::KeyCode. I haven't
    been able to wrap my head around it...
  2. @clone2727

    AUDIO: Mark the old Codec class as deprecated

    clone2727 authored
    Once QuickTime audio edits are rewritten to use PacketizedAudioStream, we can remove this class.
  3. @clone2727

    VIDEO: Switch to all packetized streams for AVI

    clone2727 authored
    ZVision does not currently, but that's OK
  4. @clone2727
Commits on Aug 30, 2015
  1. @clone2727
  2. @clone2727
  3. @clone2727
  4. @clone2727
  5. @clone2727
  6. @clone2727
  7. @clone2727
  8. @clone2727
  9. @clone2727
  10. @clone2727
  11. @dreammaster
  12. @dreammaster
  13. @dreammaster

    SHERLOCK: Syntax fixes

    dreammaster authored
  14. DEBUGGER: Add clarifying comment

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  15. SHERLOCK: Add "listfiles" debugger command

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    To make it easier to use the "dumpfile" command. There is little-
    to-no sanity checking in this one...
  16. @dreammaster
  17. @dreammaster
Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. SHERLOCK: Finish implementation of song / songs debugger commands

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    This adds support for Rose Tattoo and 3DO version of Serrated
  2. @dreammaster
  3. @dreammaster
  4. @dreammaster
  5. SHERLOCK: Fix comment typos

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  6. SHERLOCK: Rework the "song" debugger command

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    Instead of taking a room number (which didn't work in Rose Tattoo),
    it now takes a song name. To see which songs are available, use the
    "songs" command.
    Note that this is still only works for Serrated Scalpel, since I
    haven't implemented getting a list of available songs for Rose
    Tattoo. I need to study the resource manager a bit first...
  7. DEBUGGER: Add function for printing a StringArray in columns

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  8. @dreammaster
  9. @dreammaster

    SHERLOCK: RT: Add extra delay after showing scene image in the map

    dreammaster authored
    The original relied on the delay loading the resources for the scene
    to show the image for a few seconds, but since scene loading is so
    much faster now, introduce an extra delay to keep it briefly on-screen
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