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unzipOpenXML is a go commandline tool that unpacks Office Open XML files.


go get github.com/scusi/unzipOpenXML

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/scusi/unzipOpenXML
go install


user@host:~/someDir/foo$ unzipOpenXML some.xlsx

Above command would unzip some.xlsx into a local directory called unzipped_some.xlsx. You can specify the directory to unpack to via the '-o' flag. See next example.

user@host:~/someDir/foo$ unzipOpenXML -o=/tmp/unzippedOpenXMLFiles/some some.xlsx

NOTE: output directories that do not exist will be created.

There is also a debug flag, which makes unzipOpenXML spills log messages for every step it does.

user@host:~/someDir/foo$ unzipOpenXML -debug=true some.xlsx


This software is provided as is without any liability.

By intention there is no license associated with this code.

I do care about my peers using my software. I don't give a damn about whether the lawyers and mega-corporations they work for use it. So, if you are like me and you don't care about all the intellectual property antics, here's my project, feel free to use it. If you are the kind of moron who wants to have their legal ass covered, go screw yourself.

See Software Licenses and Failed States for more thoughts about this.