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MicroProfile Context Propagation example

Example code for trying out MicroProfile Context Propagation. Also see my blog post on that topic.

This project uses Open Liberty in a nightly build.

Building & Running

mvn clean package
docker build -t mp-cp-example .
docker run --rm -p 9080:9080 mp-context

You can access the resources using cURL or any other HTTP client:

curl localhost:9080/mp-cp-example/resources/bulkheads -i
curl localhost:9080/mp-cp-example/resources/bulkheads -i -XPUT -d 'foobar'
curl localhost:9080/mp-cp-example/resources/contexts/example -i -XPUT -d 'foobar'

Also have a look at the default metrics provided by Open Liberty:

curl localhost:9080/metrics/
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