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SDDM configuration usually consits of user set options and distro defined options.
For example, a distro might want to specify a custom theme, but the
user's autostart name can't come from the distro.

Using the same config file leads to problems when upgrading.

To avoid such problems we introduced configuration directories as well as
the main config file /etc/sddm.conf.

Configuration is loaded in the following order:

  • All files in /usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d in alphabetical order
  • All files in /etc/sddm.conf.d in alphabetical order
  • Finally from /etc/sddm.conf for compatibility

Distributions should put their configuration in /usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d while
users should write their settings to /etc/sddm.conf.d.

Other changes

  • Support non-latin characters in theme settings.
  • Support fish shell in Xsession and wayland-session.
  • Unlock GNOME keyring at login.
  • Configuration directory.
  • Make the default cursor themed.
  • Update date and time in elarun theme.
  • Fix theme metadata default values.
  • Fix session selection in elarun.
  • Do not truncate XAUTHORITY on login.
  • Make enabled property of Button functional.
  • Fix typos in documentation.
  • Re-use existing sessions.
  • Add ConsoleKit 2 support.
  • Stop assuming shadow(5) is always available.
  • Explicitely set XDG_SEAT when starting a user session.
  • Suppress errors when pam_elogind is not available.
  • Suppress errors when pam_systemd is not available.
  • Added possibility to change color of dropdown menu.
  • Add Hindi translation.
  • Completed Swedish translation.
  • Update French translation.


We would like to thank the following developers for their contributions to this release:

Pier Luigi Fiorini, David Edmundson, Fabian Vogt, Raphael Kubo da Costa, Martin Briza, naund, Kevin S.C. Decker, Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch, Sanjeev Premi, Sven Eden, Albert Vaca, Aleksei Kovura, Andreas Müller, Aurélien COUDERC, Florian Jacob, Guo Yunhe, Hendrik Lehmbruch, Kristoffer Grundström, Marcin Mikołajczak, Palo Kisa, Papoteur, Thomas Preisner, m4sk1n, realsobek, scootergrisen, welaq, 林博仁


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f7f73c6dd6d544ec2c5e4657e181f60467ec31d84bf1b775c544dfe8748badbe  sddm-0.16.0.tar.gz
e9138a23e7f0846f7dcb925964d301f1a597fae2047b373d7dbe4cd5340f8e3b  sddm-0.16.0.tar.xz