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This project is my entry for js13kgames. It's a tower defense game in less than 13kb (13,312 bytes). At the time of submitting it to the contest, it had 13 different types of monsters, 3 kind of towers and only one set of surface graphics. The major goal of that game is to kill all the monsters approaching you via choosing the right amount of towers.

Play the game!

Just click here :)

"13" related details

  • 13 monster types
  • 13 health points
  • 13 seconds wave delay
  • 13 waves to defeat
  • 13 supported browsers (maybe more ...)
    • OS X
      • Chrome 21
      • Firefox 14
      • Safari 6
      • Opera 12
    • iOS
      • Mobile Safari
      • Chrome
      • Dolphin
      • Mercury
    • Android
      • Dolphin (a bit slow and for some reason it's not correctly detecting touched fields)
    • Windows
      • IE9 (bullet animation broken because of missing css3 transition support)
      • IE10 (bullet animation broken because of missing css3 transition support)
      • Chrome 21
      • Firefox 14

Future development

The submitted entry is tagged with v1.0.0. Everything that followed that tag is additional content, that might break the 13KB limit. However, I will try to stay below that limit :)


Build the dist:

npm install
npm run build

Build a ZIP file

npm run build-zip

Check dist size:

npm run check

Full featured game start

As this game uses prefixfree it is necessary to start the game via a webserver:

npm run server

Afterwards just open the game via http://localhost:8080.