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@sdesalas sdesalas released this Jan 6, 2015 · 185 commits to master since this release

Release Notes

Basic proof of concept beta release at 56% of PhantomJS API.

Core API methods (, WebPage.injectJS, WebPage.evaluate) are working, as is the ability to emulate different IE versions.

Fixed a key bug that was preventing loading consecutive pages (issue#19).

Due to lack of unit testing the implementation of the API may not be mirroring what happens in PhantomJS.

Implemented (more unit testing needed):

Mostly Implemented (more unit testing needed):

Lots to do (no testing):

API implementation: 96 in 172 total (ie 56%)

Command Line Options Partial 5 out of 12 options
Global Methods Ready .require() for CommonJS module definition
Object: phantom Partial 6 out of 12 members
Module: System Ready 5 out of 5 members
Module: WebPage Partial 24 out of 86 members
Module: FileSystem Ready 35 out of 35 members
Module: WebServer Partial 18 out of 19 members
New Features Partial 3 out of 4 options (IE emulation etc)
Assets 3
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