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@mborysenko mborysenko released this Sep 19, 2019 · 26 commits to master since this release

  • Content Mashup module opens up endless possibilities in creation of websites with mixed content - traditional site content and technical documentation.
  • Dynamic Documentation module allows you to build documentation portals with key features like documentation presentation, search in documentation and commenting.
  • Search module supports Tridion Docs content now as well as Tridion Sites content.
  • UGC module supports cases where you require commenting functionality for your doc portal or traditional website.
  • Native Regions support aims to build web page structure easier.
  • GraphQL client introduces communication with Content Delivery in a more efficient way and using public API that is provided in recent Sites 9 release. It supports documentation and traditional types of content to enable blending content on the same website.
  • New providers which interact with Content Delivery using GraphQL client were added.
  • Model Service Extension continues improvement that was introduced in Model Service. But now it is places closer to data source, deployed as Content Service plugin and exposed through the Public Content API. Hence it performs better and in more efficient way.
  • Added support of semantic mapping for Docs content.

Note that all artifacts has been published to Maven Central repository.

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