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  • Ask questions and make comments by filing issues.
  • Make pull requests to a develop-$VERSION$ branch.
  • All contributions are licensed under the VOL.


There's not an official chat room or anything set up yet, so ask questions and make comments by creating issues.

You might get linked to a page that answers your question, and then your issue will get closed. If you still have questions, go ahead and re-open the issue--that's okay to do!

If you have suggestions for a good, free, open source chat mechanism, go ahead and file an issue and propose a solution!

(Someday we'll dogfood the protocol by making the official chat room use it!)


Here's where you should start:

  • You should read through the latest release.
  • You should think it through.
  • If you have questions, you should ask by filing issues.

If you feel like you understand the gist of it, it would be really awesome if you would look at any of the open issues and add your thoughts and opinions.

I am of the opinion that pull requests are the best way to start discussions about changes, since they force you to make sure you're thinking about things clearly.

Writing Words

If you want to make a pull request, that is totally awesome! Do it! No need to ask permission!

If you just want to fix some misspelling, or grammar, or bad links, or something similarly non-breaking, just go ahead and make a pull request, and it'll probably get merged in pretty fast.

If you are thinking of making big changes that may have merge conflicts, or have breaking changes, you might want to file an issue first, and just ask. Someone else may be working on it already, or be able to help you. At the very least, bouncing ideas off someone else is always helpful.

Pull Requests

Make pull requests to develop-$VERSION$, where $VERSION$ is the version you want to change.

If your change is non-breaking (like spelling or grammar corrections), you can make the pull request against whichever develop branch needs the patch.

If the change is more than that, you can make the pull request against the newest develop branch.

If there's not a branch with the correct name, go ahead and file an issue to get that made.

Nobody will get offended if you make the pull request to the wrong branch. If you do, your pull request will get closed and someone will tell you which branch to use.


All contributions to the specifications must be released under the Very Open License.