A Sublime Text 2 & 3 plugin for highlighting mutiple words in different colors
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A Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin for highlighting mutiple words in different colors

The following configuration options are available:

  • Regular Expression
  • Case Sensitive
  • Customize Highlight Colors
  • Define "Always Highlighted Keywords" with Customized Colors


  • Highlight: Select "Edit > Highlight Words > Highlight Words" and enter the words (separated by whitespace)
  • Unhighlight: Select "Edit > Highlight Words > Unhighlight Words"
  • Toggle Settings: Select "Edit > Highlight Words > Toggle Settings"
  • Edit settings file: Select "Preferences" > "Package Settings" > "HighlightWords", copy settings from default to user, and edit settings file. Available settings are:
  • "colors_by_scope": Change the highlight colors.
  • "permanent_highlight_keyword_color_mappings": Define always highlighted keywords with specified colors, such as "TODO" or "FIXIT". The optional "flag" parameter may be 0 (regex), 1 (literal), 2 (regex and ignore case) or 3 (literal and ignore case).
  • Perl-style regular expression patterns are accepted. For example, to highlight "fix a bug" but not "prefix with", the expression could be "\bfix .*\b".

Note: These commands are also available in Command Panel with prefix "HighlightWords:"

How to find color scope

  • Open the file that has some colour you want (e.g open C++ which have green strings)
  • Select the word that has colour you want to use


  • Open console (ctrl+~ (tilde))
  • Paste view.scope_name(view.sel()[0].begin()) and press ENTER
  • Copy returned string, for mine selection it is source.c++ meta.function.c meta.block.c storage.type.c
  • Paste this string inside color property:


Color will change after you re-enter the tab

Contact me

Please visit me if you have any question or suggestion at: http://weibo.com/seanliang