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I'm Hamish! 👨‍💻

I'll scaffold out a react project for you based on create-react-app!


Every time I started a new react app I found myself going around copy and pasting my redux, router, axios, etc etc setup from previous projects so I created Hamish to scaffold out my setup for me.

I was also tired of manually creating component files and writing export statements so the generator function was added to handle components, containers, pages and redux modules.

Hamish started life as a cleverly named bash script but has been re-written into a node cli package so you can use it anywhere!

This is a personal project to help myself out but I hope it can help you too ✌️


npm install hamish -g


  • hamish install -- Installs create-react-app
  • hamish start -- Starts a new react app and installs the Hamish setup
  • hamish generate | g -- Starts component generator
  • hamish -h -- help

What's installed on top:

Hamish will use yarn if installed, otherwise will default to npm.

  • axios
  • esdoc
  • eslint
  • grid-styled
  • normalize.css
  • prop-types
  • react-router-dom v4
  • redux
  • redux-form
  • redux-thunk
  • styled-components
  • hot module replacement

Folder structure, added and edited files

|-- .env
|-- .esdoc.json
|-- .eslintrc
|-- src
    |-- App.js
    |-- index.js
    |-- api
    |   |-- config.js
    |-- components
    |   |-- index.js
    |   |-- Grid
    |       |-- Grid.js
    |-- containers
    |   |-- index.js
    |-- helpers
    |   |-- index.js
    |-- pages
    |   |-- index.js
    |-- redux
    |   |-- store.js
    |   |-- modules
    |       |-- index.js
    |__ styled-components
    |   |-- theme.js  


Command: hamish g

Will ask what kind of component you want to generate:

  • component
  • container
  • page
  • redux module

and will generate for example:

|-- src
    |-- components
        |-- <name>
            |-- <name>.js
            |-- <name>.test.js

and will add export default { <name> } from './<name>/<name> to the index.js so the component is ready to be imported.