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A custom element for creating simple, static line and bar charts from CSV data. The first column in the data will be used to generate the x-axis, while remaining columns will be used for data series. For example, the following code would create a chart with five series in it:

<simple-graph mode="bar">
  sort 10x,15.81,6.91,4.80,22.21,9.44
  sort 20x,35.25,18.42,16.80,601.43,29.80
  sort 50x,112.12,600.34,126.91,600.61,80.12
  text replace,3.00,1.33,4.38,3.02,2.77
  http get,6.99,3.73,0.89,1.73,1.99

You can also feed Google data into a graph from a spreadsheet by setting the sheet attribute on the element with the Google sheet ID. We do not recommend using this for long-term support, given that the Sheets API is not guaranteed to be stable, but it can be useful during breaking news situations:

<simple-graph sheet="1U_gi_kTy6oHiEPpcHsfyKNwwOTJxS8qdg1oQB9jHzJU">

The element will automatically scale the graph to fit the data, including negative numbers, although datasets with entirely positive values will be graphed against 0 (as is right and proper).

Config options

simple-graph may be configured via a number of attributes on the element.

  • mode - (default: "line") If set to "bar", will use a grouped bar chart instead of a line chart.
  • colors - Used to set the palette for the graph series. If there aren't enough colors provided, the default Seattle Times palette will be used to fill them in.
  • sheet - Set this to a Google Sheets ID to load data from that sheet over AJAX. It will only use the first sheet in the workbook.
  • nokey - Turns off visible keys. Keys are also disabled if there's only one series in the data.


In an attempt to fit your site's CSS, the graph will load computed styles from the DOM and use those for its labels, although it does include some defaults (namely, font-size, margin, and max-width) scoped to the simple-graph selector. These can be overridden with any more-specific selector (a class is a good way to go).

simple-graph was built using the Seattle Times web component template. It was completed with the support of a Knight-Mozilla code convening at the 2015 Write the Docs conference in Portland, OR.