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#Contribute To MailPoet Paid Memberships Pro Add-On

Community made patches, localisations, bug reports and contributions are always welcome and are crucial.

When contributing please ensure you follow the guidelines below so that we can keep on top of things.

note GitHub is for bug reports and contributions only - if you have a support question or a request for a customisation don't post here. Use WordPress Support Forum instead.

Getting Started

Making Changes

  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Make the changes to your forked repository
  • When committing, reference your issue (if present) and include a note about the fix
  • Push the changes to your fork and submit a pull request to the 'dev' branch of the MailPoet-Paid-Memberships-Pro-Add-On repository.

At this point you're waiting on me to merge your pull request. I'll review all pull requests, and make suggestions and changes if necessary.

Additional Resources