Svelto.ECS example for Net Core / Net Standard
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Svelto.ECS example for Net Core / Net Standard

The whole Svelto framework has been designed to be platform agnostic. This is the simplest proof of concept to make Svelto.ECS work with Net Core and Net Standard projects.

If you don't know Svelto, check my other repository, especially Svelto.ECS and Svelto.Tasks

Relative article:

Note: The folders Svelto.ECS, Svelto.Tasks and Svelto.Common, where present, are submodules pointing to the relative repositories. If you find them empty, you need to initialize the submodules through the submodule command. You must initialize only the first level submodules, so do not run the recursive option. I am sorry if this is confusing, but it's the best solution I found with git. If you have troubles, please check some instructions here: