Implementation of the paper 'Stochastic Wasserstein Barycenters'
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Stochastic Wasserstein Barycenters

Code accompanying


Optimal transport (OT) defines a powerful way to compare and transform distributions using a metric on the space of probability distributions given by the Wasserstein distance. In particular, Wasserstein barycenters can be understood as Frechet means in the space of probability distributions.

We propose a new stochastic algorithm to compute the barycenter of a set of input distributions (either discrete or continuous) that only depends on the ability to sample from the input distributions and does not require a discretization of the support of the barycenter.


There are two implementations of the paper in this repository.


A MATLAB version meant as a proof of concept. The MATLAB code is fully commented, easier to understand, and has no dependencies. It is not intended for large applications. We include an example test.m script for typical usage.


A C++ version that we have used to generate the results in the paper. The C++ version depends on Eigen and LBFGS which are locally included, as well as OpenCV for image processing. This version of the code has much sparser documentation.

To compile the C++ version:

cd c++/
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..

An example usage is ./main --folder figs/ --gaussian 3 which computes the Wasserstein barycenter of three random Gaussian distributions.