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INTEGRATE teaching package supported by the EGU higher education teaching grant 2020.


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INTEGRATE (Integrated Teaching of Atmospheric Science, Technical/Computer Skills and Empirical Methods) is an open learning package supported by the EGU higher education teaching grant 2020 awarded to S.G. Mutz

Description of Teaching Package

The INTEGRATE teaching package promotes an interdisciplinary and didactically multifaceted approach to learning about climatology, modern empirical methods and programming. It comprises a crash course in physical climatology, working on real problems using statistics and modern empirical methods, and a hands-on approach to collecting and analysing atmospheric data. This course requires no prior knowledge of the topics covered in the course. The course is taught in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Students complete computer practicals to learn basic programming skills (required for Phase 2). Students are simultaneaously introduced to fundamentals of physical climatology in lectures.
  • Phase 2: Students apply basic statistical methods to solve climatological problems in computer practicals. The exercise series uses a "flipped classroom" approach for the applied statistics in the practicals. Students are continued to be introduced to physical climatology in lectures.
  • Phase 3 (field/lab work): Students put into practice all skills learned in Phase 1-2 by building, programming and using an atmospheric measurement system to collect and analyse their own weather data. This includes sensor installation and programming on a Raspberry Pi (mini computer).
  • Phase 4 - Projects & Evaluation: For final projects, students select and apply an advanced method (e.g., Random Forests) to tackle a real problem in climatology. Successful project completion requires understanding of climatological theory (Phases 1-2), theoretical knowledge of the method and programming skills (Phase 1-2). Students’ learning is assessed based on the project work and their communication of the problem, its scientific context and solution.


The following resources are included in the package: (1) all presentation slides and notes for the physical climatology lecture series (integrated into the website), (2) instructions and materials for practicals and final projects (including solutions to posed problems, data and code), and (3) a short guide to support instructors with the course package.


INTEGRATE teaching package supported by the EGU higher education teaching grant 2020.







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