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#Perfidix - No discussions, Just facts.

Perfidix is a light-weight java library enabling users to benchmark sourcecode. Similar to JUnit, annotations can be placed before methods. Within the invocation of these methods, flexible measurements are performed. An eclipse plugin (Perclipse, available under offers easy usage of any annotated methods.

Build Status

##5 steps how to use Perfidix

  • Get the lastest jar over Github or Maven
  • Annotate your methods to bench with @Bench. Note that these methods have to have the following layout: public (final) void method().
  • Create a new Benchmark object.
  • Add the class with the annotated methods to it with benchmarkObj.add(MyBenchmarkTest.class).
  • Get the BenchmarkResult with
  • Display the result with the new TabularSummaryOutput().visitBenchmark(benchmarkResultObj).


For further documentation and as an example, please refer to the org.perfidix.example package.


  • README: this readme file
  • LICENSE: license file
  • src: Source folder for perfidix itself
  • pom.xml: Simple pom (yes we use Maven)


This work is released in the public domain under the BSD 3-clause license

##Further information

The documentation so far is accessible under (pointing to

The framework was presented at the Jazoon '07 as work in progress. The paper can be found over here.

Any questions, just contact sebastian.graf AT

##Involved People

Perfidix is maintained by:

  • Sebastian Graf (Perfidix Core & Project Lead)

Concluded subprojects were:

  • Nico Haase (Parameterized Benchmarks)
  • Nuray Gürler (Mocking and Maven-Website)
  • Bastian Lemke (Graph Output)
  • Alexander Onea (first release of the core)
  • Tim Petrowski (first release of the core)
  • Marc Kramis (Project Lead until 2007)