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Trying CAP in a Jupyter notebook

This repository allows to try CAP in a Jupyter notebook. It does not require to have a local CAP installation. Instead, it allows to use a browser to access a remote CAP installation running on Binder (

To start a new CAP session, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the "launch binder" badge in this README file on GitHub, or open in the browser.

  2. A message Loading repository: sebastianpos/cap-aachen2018/master will be displayed, followed by a non-interactive preview. Please be patient, since it may take a while, depending on the current load on Binder. When the server will be ready, you will see the main Jupyter screen with a file browser.

  3. Click on the AbelianCategories.ipynb file to start GAP Jupyter notebook.

Please note that the notebook will not be preserved after the window will be closed, but you will be able to download the notebook in various formats by going to "File" -> "Download as" in the Jupyter menu.

For further information about Jupyter, see

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