Yafc is yet another ftp client (with some handy features)
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Yafc is yet another ftp client.


  • cached directory listings
  • extensive tab completion
  • multiple connections open
  • automatic reconnect on timed out connections
  • aliases
  • colored ls (ie, ls --color, uses $LS_COLORS like GNU ls)
  • autologin and bookmarks
  • Kerberos support (version 5, Heimdal or MIT)
  • SFTP support (SSH2)
  • recursive get/put/fxp/rm/ls
  • nohup mode get and put
  • tagging (queueing) of files for later transferring
  • automatically enters nohup-mode when SIGHUP received (in get and put)
  • redirection to local command or file ('>', '>>' and '|')
  • proxy support
  • variable substitution for shell commands
  • ignore masks for uploads

For more information, visit: http://www.yafc-ftp.com