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meteor-autocompletion provides simple, easy-to-use autocompletion to <input> fields in MeteorJS. The package will search for the inputed text in a client-side Meteor collection and return similar results. Results can be selected using the arrow keys and Enter, or by clicking with the mouse.

Autocompleting a name

Using the package? Please star this repo! Gratefully receiving donations at Gittip.


Install meteor-autocompletion using Meteorite:

meteor add sebdah:autocompletion


We will use a collection called Friends in the example below to search for names when typing in the <input> field.

Check out the MeteorJS example app in the example directory for a full example.

Example client HTML

Add an <input> field to your template with an id attribute:

  <title>meteor-autocompletion test app</title>

  <h1>meteor-autocomplete test app</h1>

<template name="search">
  <input type="text" id="searchBox">

Example client JavaScript

Then add JavaScript code similar to the below.

* Template - search
*/ = function () {
} = {
  'keyup input#searchBox': function () {
      element: 'input#searchBox',       // DOM identifier for the element
      collection: Friends,              // MeteorJS collection object
      field: 'name',                    // Document field name to search for
      limit: 0,                         // Max number of elements to show
      sort: { name: 1 }});              // Sort object to filter results with
      //filter: { 'gender': 'female' }}); // Additional filtering

Take extra care looking at the parameters to AutoCompletion.autocomplete. We are in this example fetching data from the element with the id input#searchBox. We will then match the text with the name field in the Friends collection. You can limit the number of returned rows using limit and send any sorting directions using sort. In this case, we're sorting the names from A to Z.

Configuration options

The following configuration options can be sent to AutoCompletion.autocomplete:

Option      Required  Comment
element     Yes       DOM identifier for the element
collection  Yes       MeteorJS collection object
field       Yes       Field name in the collection to search
limit       No        Limit the number of results (`0` gives all results)
sort        No        Pass a MongoDB sorting object to the query
filter      No        Pass additional filtering rules to the query

Enable debug output

You can enable debug output by adding the following to your Template.template_name.rendered function:

AutoCompletion.enableLogging = true;

Current limitations

  • Only one collection can be searched. For searching in multiple collections, see the autocomplete package.
  • Searching is only done among the records of the collection that area loaded on the client. To search in large collections that are stored on the server, see the autocomplete package.
  • Searching is done only in one field of the collection
  • Search results are simply the values of matching fields. For customized search results using a template (example), see the typeahead package.


This project is maintained by Sebastian Dahlgren (GitHub | Twitter | LinkedIn)

Gratefully receiving donations at Gittip.


Autocompletion using data from MeteorJS collections




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