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Name: stream-monad
Cabal-Version: >= 1.6
Synopsis: Simple, Fair and Terminating Backtracking Monad
Description: This Haskell library provides an implementation of the
MonadPlus type class that enumerates results of a
non-deterministic computation by interleaving
subcomputations in a way that has usually much better
memory performance than other strategies with the same
termination properties.
Category: Control, Monads
License: BSD3
License-File: LICENSE
Author: Oleg Kiselyov, Sebastian Fischer
Maintainer: Sebastian Fischer (
Build-Type: Simple
Stability: experimental
Extra-Source-Files: README
Build-Depends: base >= 3 && < 5,
logict >= 0.4 && < 0.5
HS-Source-Dirs: src
Exposed-Modules: Control.Monad.Stream
Ghc-Options: -Wall
Flag Benchmarks
Description: Build executable to run benchmarks
Default: False
Executable stream-monad-benchmarks
Main-Is: benchmarks.hs
If flag(Benchmarks)
Build-Depends: base >= 3 && < 5,
logict >= 0.4 && < 0.5,
criterion >= 0.5 && < 0.6
Buildable: False
HS-Source-Dirs: src
Other-Modules: Control.Monad.Stream
Source-Repository head
type: git
location: git://
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