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yet another vvvv addons compilation – well structured for everyday use – thanks to all the contributors/users/devs
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What is this?

  • This is a maintained collection of MODULES, EFFECTS and PLUGINS for vvvv (
  • This collection is (should be) well sorted and ready to use (nodes should appear in the Nodebrowser if linked, Helppatches should work out of the box)

Why is this?

  • There are many contributions, files, helppatches, etc. around – but they ly on very different locations (forums,, contributions). So especially for newbies it's quite hard to get an overview on what exists and how to add all these things to your vanilla vvvv installation
  • Though managing addons has been simplified much in vvvv it still can fail, if your addon-directories are unstructured.
  • Of course there is vvvv's great Addonpack ervery user should install – this is the official and supported one. But som (a lot) addons or snippet-like thingys are missing in there. If there appear any addons listed here in the addonpack, they'll become obsolete and will be removed.

Who did this?

  • The credits goes to all the addon devellopers and the whole community that create new stuff everyday
  • I'll try to keep credits/authors descriptions etc. if possible

What can you do?
  • If there are missing things that you would ike to be added... make a fork, add them and send a pull request.
  • If something doesn't work as advertised, please open an issue or tell me on other ways
  • If there's something else not mentioned here... let me know



  • there have been fundamental changes to the whole repository - if you already forked, please either do a 'git rebase' or clone the repo again
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