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A Pacman package and PKGBUILD parser module
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The Mock class was not being used properly. The TarFileMock class was
re-implementing the tarfile interface on it's own. Mock's inherited
attributes weren't utilized.

Signed-off-by: Sebastian Nowicki <>



Parched aims at providing a python module capable of parsing pacman packages and PKGBUILDs.



Parched is not currently registered with PyPI due to it's development status, however pip can install the module from a git repository:

pip install -e git://


First retrieve the source from the git repository, then follow the typical install procedure:

git clone git://
cd parched
python install


The documentation is not available online, however, you can retrieve the source and generate the documentation using sphinx:

git clone git://
cd parched/docs
make html

The code itself is also documented, so you can simply look at


Parched is MIT licensed. Do whatever you want.

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