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A space to store the setup of an open-source penTest Lab
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Get Started

To get started - Go here
On BlackDuck: Code Analysis

Program Solicitation NSF 17-573 aims to make advancements in informal STEM learning.

This CyberRange project represents the first open-source Cyber Range blueprint in the world.

This project provides a bootstrap framework for an offensive security research lab containing 15+ vulnerable systems. It simply provides a researcher with a disposable offensive / defensive AWS-based environment in less than 10 minutes.

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal is to provide a full-spectrum opensource hostile training environment with known vulnerable assets & configurations.

This project leverages opensource assets to inspire the end user with researchable problems / solutions. Ultimately, providing the broader technology community with a low-cost bootstrap red/blue team training environment to inspire independent learning, and the personal ownership of development for building the most in-demand technical skills using the world's largetst and best cloud computing platform.

The ultimate expectation is to emulate the quality, format, and presentation of the Syracuse University Cyber SEED Labs.

Domains of knowledge

This open-source research lab provides a bootstrap learning platform for Technologists studying any one of the "Big-3" technology sectors.

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. DevOps

This project covers 7 gigantically broad domains of technical knowledge.

  1. Offensive Security
  2. SecDevOps
  3. Architecture & Engineering
  4. Vulnerability, Change, & Configuration Management
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Auditing - Processing, Systems, Applications
  7. Development - Infrastructure / Web Applications

3 Reasons for a Cloud-Based Cyber Range

  1. The Cloud Domain is an area of constant rapid grow. The ability to create/destroy assets at will while relying on thje integrity of a blueprint provides an ambitious individual the opportunity to perform R&D in a controlled and isolated environment.

  2. Seasoned researchers leverage virtualization, whether virtualbox, vmware, or docker.
    Yet VM's, especially windows consume precious SSD / RAM on local laptops. They are not shareable Amazon AMI's are shareable and can be made public.

  3. Hosting a virtual vulnerable environment on a laptop, fully exposed to the internet is simply unsafe. One or many VM's on a laptop provides a minimum battery life, maximium RAM utilization. When internet & cheap elastic compute are available, they are simply a better.

Range History

This project was conceptualized and drafted on a MDF board screwed into the side of a wall in my garage in 2014. It sysmbolizes an early interest in the most emerging trends within technology.

The first iteration is a now depreciated OpenStack-based CyberCloud project with vagrant. Having an Ops background, tooling enables us to do more, quicker, faster, and with less. I've Collected the best-in-class tools, solutions, and bootstrap frameworks to create an integrated solution capable of enormous growth.

Range Technology

  • Terraform is a tool that performs at a much better scale and contains more functionality. This project is based off the fedekau/terraform-with-circleci-example framework.
  • Docker is another standard virtualization platform
  • Kali is the go-to system of penetration testers
  • Metasplotiable 2/3 & other open-source vuln vms provide foundational stability and future growth.
  • Commando-VM is a newly released windows-based penetration testing VM
  • DetectionLab is a bootstrap framework by Chris Long which is actively being integrated into this project
  • Inspec provides a way to test the state of your environment, application, system, processes, configurations, plus more.
  • Vagrant is an awesome tool for smaller virtual environments both locally and in the cloud - checkout SecDevOps Toolkit - vagrant for advanced yaml setups for multi-instance scenarios.
  • Plus Much more...

CyberRange combines best practices with emerging technologies.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Kali/Nessus/Burpsuite
  • Terraform
  • OpenSourced Vulnerable VM's See Asset Inventory
  • using a CI/CD tool to verify builds CircleCI

Software License Keys

To use this project you need license keys for any products which require one.

To obtain an AWS free-tier account: Amazon Free-Trial Sign-up Note: The default configuration uses under-powered t2.micro assets.   To obtain a Nessus Essentials license, e.g. for academic purposes, Nessus Essentials License

To obtain access to the private amazon images, simply enter a name, email, and AWS Account Number. The account number enables the images to be shared across accounts.

Please Use the Form below to Sign-Up to support the project and gain access to the private AMI's located: In the Asset Inventory page

Alpha Sign-Up Form

alt text


It enables researchers to setup assets quickly, maintain manifests of common setups, and deploy locally or to the AWS cloud with the flip of a configuration setup.

This is simply an AWS-based solution for a PenTester. The goal is to provide a sterile cloud penTesting environment with the attacker machine and multiple targets within minutes.

To date this project provides access to 14 AMI's, 3 Windows boxes, 2 Offensive Security desktops in us-east-1. All are freely available on the internet.

  # 10 Linux Assets
  "ami": "ami-016b701c461d2f341"  "name": "myhouse7"
  "ami": "ami-0539fa87bb2306efe"  "name": "FristiLeaks_1.3"
  "ami": "ami-067d428e8151617b0"  "name": "mrRobot"
  "ami": "ami-088907da57ded04b2"  "name": "bulldog"
  "ami": "ami-0af37127c6324f3f4"  "name": "Sick0s1.2"
  "ami": "ami-0b5b15c7c25534a9c"  "name": "VulnOSv2"
  "ami": "ami-0edaa47a082e55340"  "name": "SkyTower"
  "ami": "ami-0cbf02480a95b6edd"  "name": "Stapler"
  "ami": "ami-0d3b2e68e1701a861"  "name": "hack-in-os"
  "ami": "ami-05056794734905857"  "name": "metasploitable3-ubuntu-1404"
  # 10 Windows Assets
  # 5 private
  "ami": "ami-0370dcc12619f05e1"  "name": "metasploitable3-win2k12"
  "ami": "ami-0da37791afc9aea77"  "name": "metasploitable3-win2k8"
  "ami": "ami-0ba457e31b3666965"  "name": "defender-win2010"
  "ami": "ami-0de7687b932832df7"  "name": "Win8"
  "ami": "ami-02f2c19a14caca250"  "name": "Win7"
  # 5 public
  ami-09ca0032099efb5a8 - 2003
  ami-039be681c6acc0443 - 2008
  ami-00e4f149aa6ba8fcc - 2012 rtm
  ami-xxxx - 2016
  ami-02d43577e47e684d9 - 2019
  # - RedTeam Subnet
  "ami": "ami-0e13b2fb6e590fc77"  "name": "kali-2019.1"
  "ami": "ami-09f5a44cf69b1ec5c"  "name": "commandoVM"    
  "ami": "ami-0ebb80088327d57fc"  "name": "seed-ubuntu-1604"
  "ami": "ami-0bd120b2cee2fe956"  "name": "Tenable-Core-NNM-20190308"
  "ami": "ami-08eacb613e5117551"  "name": "Tenable-Core-Nessus-20190308"
  "ami": "ami-0278263968295c6e8"  "name": "Tenable-Core-SecurityCenter-20190308"
  "ami": "ami-082347635d1dcc9fa"  "name": "Tenable-Core-WAS-20190308"
  "ami": "ami-0911621222a8c9590"  "name": "r7vm"
  # malware 
  "ami": "ami-0c0c82ce58fe950e6"  "name": "flarevm-win7"

Protect your AWS keys

Once you start developing and using git to commit changes to a project you will need to protect your AWS keys. Use Git-Secrets

Other Environments to Perform Cyber Research in

Naturally folks will ask, what other learning environments exist. There are many so consider:

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