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requirement is a require.js project creation tool.

It is targeted for building a JS library that uses modules internally, which each module loaded separately during development for easy debugging, but gets built to a single file that does not does not need a module loader to run in the browser.

Since an async loader is used in development, the API for the generated library is an async library. For instance, if this tool creates a library called foo, then its main API will look like this:

    foo(function(result) {
        //result is the result of the API.

You can create any API for the foo function you want -- it can take multiple arguments. However, it cannot return a value. At least one of the arguments to the library should be a function that is called when the library has finished loading and its work is complete.


If you installed jake locally, then when jake is used below, use node node_modules/.bin/jake instead.


The included Jakefile has two tasks:

  • default: Builds a project. Takes these arguments: project, authors, loader, and license
  • clean: Destroys the contents of the project directory
  • module: Creates a new js file from a template set up to use require.js


jake clean
jake project=test loader=Test authors="Bobby Richter" license=mit
jake module name=testmodule

The above code should produce a project named test in the projects folder, with an object in the global namespace named Test, which takes a function as its only argument. This function will be called when the project's modules have loaded successfully and some setup is complete.

The last line creates a new file in the js directory and calls it testmodule.