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A community-generated pool of educational content which is useful for engineers of every level. Published content can be found at


Program Purpose

Section partners with university computer science programs across the globe to create a community-generated pool of content which is useful for engineers of every (any) level.

Content can be found at

The Section team will monitor and manage the overall Program.

Program Requirements

A requirement of the EngEd program is to have a valid (and active) PayPal account.

We have placed a tremendous amount of effort into researching other alternatives - and to date PayPal is the best option for the community. With that said - we can only send out payouts to the authors valid account.

If a participant does NOT have a valid PayPal account under their name - they can still build up their EngEd portfolios and publish an article as usual - but no payout will be issued.

Program Resources

  • Be sure to sign up to the Section Community Slack Channel at Once signed up, join the #eng-ed channel for ongoing program communications.

Submission Instructions

  1. To submit an article for consideration, be sure to first check published content to ensure relevance and prevent overlap. Hint: Use the this EngEd Content Suggestion form to propose article topic for approval and get feedback on topic ideas. View content form here
  2. When you're ready to submit a draft for review, open a PR with your draft. View instructions here
  3. Articles will be reviewed by the Section team for technical accuracy, relevance, and quality. (We need to be sure we're continuing to build value for our fellow engineering community as a trusted source of content.) Comments and requested revisions will be provided within the open PR.
  4. Once suggested edits have been incorporated, the Section team will approve your PR and the draft will move to our publishing queue.
  5. Once your article has been published, we will facilitate payouts for your contribution (payouts are a bi-weekly schedule) - we use PayPal for all payouts currently - so please review your country/region of residence and available services here :)

Help Us Help All

We can only improve and add value by working together with our community. Please help us iterate on our processes so that we can grow this program to enrich the larger engineering community. If you see something that needs attention, please submit an issue so we can address it in a timely manner.


A community-generated pool of educational content which is useful for engineers of every level.



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