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When Good Components Go Bad

This repository contains the Coq development of the paper:


This development has been built and tested under Coq 8.12.2, using Mathematical Components 1.11.0, Extensional Structures 0.3.0 and Coq Utils commit #81eaf5b6c2ed5.

We recommend the installation via the OCaml package manager, OPAM:

  • Create a new switch for this development: opam switch create wgcgb ocaml-base-compiler.4.10.2 (don't forget to run eval $(opam env) as instructed by the command).
  • Add the Coq OPAM repositories: opam repo add coq-released then opam repo add coq-extra-dev
  • Pin Coq to 8.12.2: opam pin add coq 8.12.2.
  • Pin the Mathematical Components library to 1.11.0: opam pin add coq-mathcomp-ssreflect 1.11.0 then opam install coq-mathcomp-fingroup coq-mathcomp-algebra.
  • Pin the Extensional Structures to 0.3.0: opam pin add coq-extructures 0.3.0. This should install coq-deriving version 0.1.1 automatically (as a dependency). Otherwise, pin coq-deriving to 0.1.1: opam pin add coq-deriving 0.1.1.
  • With that, you have everything required to build the Coq Utils version we are using: first, pin it to the commit 81eaf5b6c2ed5: opam pin add -e coq-utils Then, remove the two lines for the dependency on coq-extructures and coq-deriving. Then add at the end version: "81eaf5b6c2ed5".

Replaying the proofs

$ make -j4

Running the tests

In order to run our tests, the following additional dependencies are needed:

Coq 8.12.0

  • QuickChick 1.4.0

Stable releases of QuickChick (package coq-quickchick) are available through the Coq OPAM repository.

Running the tests (to be simplified):

$ make clean
$ make -j4
$ ./ --force-extraction
$ rm sfi_safety_properties.exe
$ ./

More thorough mutation tests are on the nora-testing-experiments branch.

Top-level theorems

At the top level, the development provides high-level proofs with the following entry points:

  • RSC_DC_MD.v: generic secure compilation proof against the assumptions in RSC_DC_MD_Sigs.v (Section 3.5)
  • RSC_DC_MD_Instance.v: an instantiation of the assumptions from RSC_DC_MD_Sigs.v to our compilation chain (Section 4.3)
  • RSC_DC.v: general proofs about the class of properties preserved by RSC^DC (Appendix A)
  • RSC_DC_4_compcert.v: proofs in RSC_DC.v adapted to the general CompCert trace model (Appendix A)

The correspondences between the main definitions and results in the paper and in Coq are as follows.

Definition 3.2: Robustly Safe Compilation with Dynamic Compromise (RSC^DC)

  • RSC_DC.RSC_dc in the simple trace model
  • RSC_DC_4_compcert.RSC_dc in the CompCert trace model

Definition 3.3: Robustly Safe Compilation with Dynamic Compromise and Mutual Distrust (RSC^DC_MD)


Definition A.1: Z_P class of safety properties preserved by RSC^DC

  • RSC_DC.Z_class (proof-friendly definition) and RSC_DC.Z_p_equivalent (proof of equivalence between the proof-friendly and the paper definitions) in the simple trace model
  • RSC_DC_4_compcert.Z_class (proof-friendly definition) and RSC_DC_4_compcert.Z_p_equivalent (proof of equivalence between the proof-friendly and the paper definitions) in the CompCert trace model

Theorem A.2: RSC^DC characterization via Z_P

  • RSC_DC.main_thm in the simple trace model
  • RSC_DC_4_compcert.main_thm in the CompCert trace model


  • This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE)
  • The code in the CompCert dir is adapted based on files in the common and lib dirs of CompCert and is thus dual-licensed under the INRIA Non-Commercial License Agreement and the GNU General Public License version 2 or later (see Compcert/LICENSE)