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Plugins for the King Phisher open source phishing campaign toolkit.
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King Phisher Plugins

Plugins to extend the King Phisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit. For more information regarding King Phisher, see the project's wiki page.

Client Plugins

Name Description
Blink(1) Notifications A plugin which will flash a Blink(1) peripheral based on campaign events such as when a new visit is received or new credentials have been submitted.
Campaign Message Configuration Manager Store campaign message configurations for their respective campaigns. This allows users to switch between campaigns while keeping each of the message configurations and restoring them when the user returns to the original campaign. New campaigns can either be created with customizable default settings or from the existing configuration (see the "Transfer Settings" option).
Clockwork SMS Send SMS messages using the Clockwork SMS API's email gateway. While enabled, this plugin will automatically update phone numbers into email addresses for sending using the service.
DMARC Check This plugin adds another safety check to the message precheck routines to verify that if DMARC exists the message will not be quarentined or rejected. If no DMARC policy is present, the policy is set to none or the percentage is set to 0, the message sending operation will proceed.
Domain Validator Checks to see if a domain can be resolved and then looks up the WHOIS information for it. Good for email spoofing and bypassing some spam filters.
File Logging Write the client's logs to a file in the users data directory. Additionally if an unhandled exception occurs, the details will be written to a dedicated directory.
GTUBE Header Add the Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email (GTUBE) string as a X-GTUBE header and append it to the end of all text/* parts of the MIME messages that are sent.

This will cause messages to be identified as SPAM.
Hello World! A 'hello world' plugin to serve as a basic template and demonstration. This plugin will display a message box when King Phisher exits.
Save KPM On Exit Prompt to save the message data as a KPM file when King Phisher exits.
Upload KPM Saves a KPM file to the King Phisher server when sending messages. The user must have write permissions to the specified directories. Both the "Local Directory" and "Remote Directory" options can use the variables that are available for use in message templates.
Message Padding Add and modify custom HTML messages from a file to reduce Spam Assassin scores. This plugin interacts with the message content to append a long series of randomly generated sentences to meet the ideal image-text ratio.
Message Plaintext Parse and include a plaintext version of an email based on the HTML version.
Custom Message MIME Headers Add custom MIME headers to messages that are sent. This can, for example be used to add a Sender and / or a Return-Path header to outgoing messages. Headers are rendered as template strings and can use variables that are valid in messages.
Office 2007+ Document Metadata Remover Remove metadata from Microsoft Office 2007+ file types. These files types generally use the extension docx, pptx, xlsx etc. If the attachment file is not an Office 2007+ file, this plugin does not modify it or block the sending operation.
Generate PDF Generates a PDF file from an html attachment that process client King Phisher Jinja variables allowing to embed links to your landing page so users that click the link in the PDF can be tracked when they visit.
Phishery DOCX URL Injector Inject Word Document Template URLs into DOCX files. The Phishery technique is used to place multiple document template URLs into the word document (one per-line from the plugin settings).
Request Redirect Edit entries for the server "Request Redirect" plugin.
SFTP Client Secure File Transfer Protocol Client that can be used to upload, download, create, and delete local and remote files on the King Phisher Server.

The editor allows you edit files on remote or local system. It is primarily designed for the use of editing remote web pages on the King Phisher Server.
Spell Check Add spell check capabilities to the message editor. This requires GtkSpell to be available with the correct Python GObject Introspection bindings. On Ubuntu and Debian based systems, this is provided by the 'gir1.2-gtkspell3-3.0' package.

After being loaded, the language can be changed from the default of en_US via the context menu (available when right clicking in the text view).
TOTP Self Enrollment This plugin allows users to manage the two factor authentication settings on their account. This includes setting a new and removing an existing TOTP secret. The two factor authentication used by King Phisher is compatible with free mobile applications such as Google Authenticator.
URI Spoof Generator Exports a redirect page which allows URI spoofing in the address bar of the target's browser.

Server Plugins

Name Description
Campaign Alerts: via Python 3 SMTPLib Send campaign alerts via the SMTP Python 3 lib. This requires that users specify their email through the King Phisher client to subscribe to notifications.
Campaign Alerts: via SMTP2Go Send campaign alerts via the SMTP2go lib. This requires that users specify their email through the King Phisher client to subscribe to notifications.
Campaign Alerts: via Clockwork SMS Send campaign alerts via the Clockwork SMS API. This requires that users specify their cell phone number through the King Phisher client.
Campaign Alerts: via Carrier SMS Email Gateways Send campaign alerts as SMS messages through cell carrier's email gateways. This requires that users supply both their cell phone number and specify a supported carrier through the King Phisher client.
Hello World! A 'hello world' plugin to serve as a basic template and demonstration. This plugin will log simple messages to show that it is functioning.
IFTTT Campaign Success Notification A plugin that will publish an event to a specified IFTTT Maker channel when a campaign has been deemed 'successful'.
Postfix Message Information A plugin that analyzes message information from the postfix logs to provide King Phisher clients message status and detail information.
Pushbullet Notifications A plugin that uses Pushbullet's API to send push notifications on new website visits and submitted credentials.
Request Redirect A plugin that allows requests to be redirected based on a matching source IP address or Range. This can be useful for redirecting known ranges of systems which maybe analyzing the server. Rules are processed in order and each one is a hash with at least a source key of an IP address or network. Additionally a target string will be used as the destination of the redirect or can be left as null for an exception. Finally, a boolean key of permanent can be used to specify whether a 301 or 302 redirect should be used.
Slack Notifications A plugin that uses Slack Webhooks to send notifications on new website visits and submitted credentials to a slack channel. Notifications about credentials are sent with @here.
XMPP Notifications A plugin which pushes notifications regarding the King Phisher server to a specified XMPP server.

Plugin Installation

Client Plugin Installation

Client plugins can be placed in the $HOME/.config/king-phisher/plugins directory, then loaded and enabled with the plugin manager.

Server Plugin Installation

Server plugins can be placed in the data/server/king_phisher/plugins directory of the King Phisher installation. Additional search paths can be defined using the plugin_directories option in the server's configuration file. After being copied into the necessary directory, the server's configuration file needs to be updated to enable the plugin.

Dependency Installation

Some plugins require additional Python packages to be installed in order to function. These packages must be installed in the King Phisher environment by running pipenv install $package from within the King Phisher installation directory.


King Phisher Plugins are released under the BSD 3-clause license, for more details see the LICENSE file.

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