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Verilog 2001 implementation of the ChaCha stream cipher.


The core is completed and has been implemented and used in several FPGA designs. The core is for example used as the CSPRNG/DRBG part of the random number generator (RNG) in the Cryptech HSM.


This core implements the ChaCha stream cipher (pdf) By Daniel J. Bernstein (DJB).


This core implements ChaCha with support for 128 and 256 bit keys. The number of rounds can be set from two to 32 rounds in steps of two. The default number of rounds is eight.

The core contains an internal 64-bit block counter that is automatically updated for each data block.

There is a reference model in a separate repository used to generate and document test vectors. There is also a functional model in this repo under src/model/python.

Branch for VHDL interoperability

There is a branch vhdl_interop that changes the port name "next" in chacha_core.v. Next is a reserved word in VHDL. If you are instantiating the core in a mixed language environment use this branch. This branch will not be merged into master, but will track changes to the master branch.


The core has four separate quarterround modules, which means that one round takes one cycle. The overhead latency cost when using the top level wrapper is three, which means that with eight rounds the total latency is 11 cycles. For ChaCha20 the latency is 23 cycles.


This core is supported by the FuseSoC core package manager and build system. Some quick FuseSoC instructions:

Install FuseSoC

pip install fusesoc

Create and enter a new workspace

mkdir workspace && cd workspace

Register chacha as a library in the workspace

fusesoc library add chacha /path/to/chacha

...if repo is available locally or... get the upstream repo

fusesoc library add chacha

Run tb_chacha testbench

fusesoc run --target=tb_chacha secworks:crypto:chacha

Run with modelsim instead of default tool (icarus)

fusesoc run --target=tb_chacha --tool=modelsim secworks:crypto:chacha

List all targets

fusesoc core show secworks:crypto:chacha

Implementation results##

Intel Cyclone IV E

  • Tool: Altera Quartus Prime 15.1
  • LEs: 4748
  • Regs: 1940
  • RAM: 0
  • Fmax: 55 MHz

Intel Cyclone V GX

  • Tool: Altera Quartus Prime 15.1
  • ALMs: 1939
  • Regs: 1940
  • Ram: 0
  • Fmax: 60 MHz

Microchip IGLOO2

  • Tool: Libero v 12.4
  • Device: M2GL150TS-FCV484
  • LUTs: 4190
  • SLEs: 2028
  • BRAMs: 2
  • Fmax: 88.4 MHz

Microchip PolarFire

  • Tool: Libero v 12.4
  • Device: MPF500TS-FCG784I
  • LUTs: 4190
  • SLEs: 1992
  • BRAMs: 3
  • Fmax: 94.4 MHz

Xilinx Spartan-6

  • Tool: Xilinx ISE 14.7
  • Device: xc6slx75-3fgg676
  • LUTs: 3843
  • Slices: 1049
  • Regs: 1994
  • BRAM: 0
  • Fmax: 83 MHz

Xilinx Artix-7

  • Tool: Xilinx ISE 14.7
  • Device: xc7a200t-3fbg484
  • LUTs: 3837
  • Slices: 1076
  • Regs: 1949
  • BRAM: 0
  • Fmax: 100 MHz